Be SpectACTive 2018

DENF Collective (HR)  "High Spirits"
5-10 April 2018

// workshop based on "high spirits" contemporary dance method //











FREE DANCE WORKSHOP based on High Spirits method
WHEN: 6-days of 4 hours/day between 5-10 April
FOR: young professional or semi-professional contemporary, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, folklore or other dancers!
WITH: choreographer Martina Granić & dancers Filipa Bavčević, Irena Tomašić, Josip Štulić and Mia Zalukar
AGE LIMIT: min. 14!

# a method of a modern ritual for amateur and professional dancers
# contemporary dance movement based on dance jumps in everyday society
# jumping method through the means of improvisation, movement skills, and set material exploring dynamic potential when transitioning between the standing, walking, running and jumping
# includes tasks and scores that draw attention to listening through exchange of our physical communication, resulting in a clearer understanding of the intention, dance intuition, direction and energies of the group.
# the jumps are partly improvised and partly choreographed
# an instant choreography is conceded - exhausting to perform but incredibly entertaining, spiritual, and liberating with a sense of mutual connectivity
# reminds us of Dervish where the great physical effort arouses ecstasy and trans
# it calms down all the tensions and allows people to connect thus wiping out tense social and political hierarchies

We ask for your approval to record the whole work in progress!
This process will be additional to working materials on the final show HIGH SPIRITS that will be premiered in York in October!
The process of staging, partly improvised and partially choreographed will be documented in form of dance reality show episode, filming the workshops research process and final presentation.

The aim of this project is to present final output of the workshop through the viral and theatre environment at the same time, in order to make connection between formal artistic approach and usage of popular viral culture, to create a new conclusion for a wider audience.

Workshop Leader / Choreography: Martina Granić
Movement creation: Mia Zalukar, Filipa Bavčević, Irena Tomašić, Josipa Štulić
Video and Photography: Hrvoje Zalukar, Dario Matić
Music: Aldo Orlić Zolium

DENF girls collective is a crew of Croatian dancers, pedagogues, choreographers, photographers, curators and designers; formed to work in between the sphere of dance performance and visual design and to showcase cross disciplinary work in different media. Even though they are rebuilding contemporary dance performance heritage which involves strong infrastructural support, their work is associated mostly through Internet-tinged aesthetics showing primitive dancers escapism opposite to todays "people alienation" internet aesthetics. "Denfesitas" low art photo series and videos posted throughout the 2016 and 2017 were a melancholic reflection on their work environment. "Choreo Denf High Spirits" project includes introducing dance movement through jumps in everyday society and will take the form of dance reality show series filming movement workshops by introducing the possibility of participation of the local communities in movement workshops and presentations.


Renato Rocha (UK) - "I HAVE A DREAM"
16-20 April 2018

// multidisciplinary workshop //











I HAVE A DREAM... to become an artist.
I HAVE A DREAM... to stop racism.
I HAVE A DREAM… to become a good parent.
I HAVE A DREAM... to teach students.
I HAVE A DREAM... to write a book.
I HAVE A DREAM... to help people.
I HAVE A DREAM... to become millionaire.
I HAVE TO DREAM... to travel.
What is your dream?

Brazilian director Renato Rocha has been developing an international career since 2010, and now he comes to Budapest to develop the theme ‘I have a dream’ with artists and people studying/working in various cultural fields. Come and join the multidisciplinary work in progress!

Main question of the project: What is your dream and how does your dream relate to yourself, your life, your family, your city, country, the world?

WHAT is it about?
In the walls of Bakelit’s radiating with art and creativity, let’s develop together the topic “I have a dream” during Renato Rocha’s residency.
No genre, no focus on a specific field, no categories!
The focus is on variety ;)

# if you have a dream
# if you would like to share it with Renato Rocha
# if you would likely share it with others in the frame of a week long workshop
# if you are open to give it an artistic shape

With audio-visual niceties and pleasantries, projections and sound systems at your disposal, and Renato Rocha as your creative mentor, express yourself and let’s reveal what your creativity is capable of.

# The multidisciplinary “work in progress” session includes 5 interconnected meetings of 4 hours/day from the 16th to the 20th April, starting from the afternoon from 2 pm
# At the end of session on the 20th of April, we hold a final work in progress presentation and discussion where you are welcome to invite your friends, relatives, boyfriend or girlfriend to involve them in the creative process you were part of.
# Bring with you whatever relates you to your dream: small pieces of texts, objects, images, videos, sound references (music, noise, audios), movements and gestures

WHO are we looking for?
# Young and passionate people with various artistic and cultural backgrounds, whether you are fashion designer or urbanist, writer or visual artist, or just a enthusiast with a taste for art in all it forms - all are welcome to boost their creativity!
# Age restrictions: 18-35

Please, make is sure that you can attend at least 4 meetings :)
Register via e-mail (! Limit of participants: 15 persons.
Registration deadline: 31st March
Participation is for FREE

“All my work with LIFT goes through to create this multidisciplinary, and multicultural platform that let the artists to amplified their voice and allow them to express what they want through the different art forms.” Renato Rocha

Brazilian director Renato Rocha has been developing an international career since 2010. In London he has created shows for the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Roundhouse, LIFT (London International Festival of Theater) and Circolombia. He has also created shows for the Marseilles International Biennial of Arts, the National Theater of Scotland, the Leicester International Dance Festival the European Union and Unicef. He has also directed and collaborated on projects in India, Berlin, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Paris, New York, Edinburgh, Stockholm and Colombia.


Be SpectACTive overview:

(May 2017)
DISPLACE YOURSELF (UK) – Food for thought (2017)

// residency // international performance // workshop //

What is the true cost of our fast food culture? Who is benefitting from the system of mass production? And who is paying the deathly price? “Food for thought”, a Be SpecACTive! show realised by the company Displace Yourself, will try to answer these questions. In the distinctive form of  Displace Yourself, using projection, live performers, minimal props and precise energetic movement scores, the actors will interact with farmers and experts on the subject in order to assess one of the most important sociopolitical issues of our time.

Cities of residency: Lijubljana, Sansepolcro, York

Photo credits: Richard Davenport (cover photo)

* * *

(November, 2016)
Michael de Cock: Kamyon (BE)
(performed in Hungarian)

A performance that turns into a journey. A lorry that turns into a theatre. Why this little girl had to leave all her cuddles toys behind? Why she could bring just one of them? She is a little girl embarking with her family on a perilous journey. The one to the promised land: Europe. The play follows the road that many migrants have taken carrying “two small bags and a million dreams”. The play will be presented in a lorry, remanding us that sometime lorries too has turned into graves for migrants.

Performed by: Viktória MakraKamyon
Music: Rudi Genbrugge
Technics/Production: Nele Druyts, Laurence de Lafontaine-Mockle
Directed by: Michael De Cock

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* * *

(November, 2016)
CK Teatro & Oniride: Walking on the Moon (I)
/// In Italian with English subtitle! ///

Part of the Be SpectACTive! European project, Walking on The Moon invites you to a memorable virtual travel to the Moon evoking the moon landing of Apollo 11.

The 20th of July 1969, 600.000 people on planet Earth simultaneously witnessed the first step of mankind on the moon. The show covers the history of Apollo 11 from the standpoint of the one hero who was on the verge of realising his dream but, for the call of his duty, could not: Michael Collins, the command module pilot. The company will develop an application that will allow each viewer, through the appropriate cardboard VR device to be used with their own smartphones, to finally realize – with Collins – a truly immersive experience: a magnificent stroll on the moon.
CK Teatro is an Italian theatre company. Oniride was founded in 2014: the society is pioneering and perfecting the cutting-edge technology of immersive 360° tridimensional video shooting and distribution.

Set design Alessandra Muschella
Virtual set Andrea Giansanti
Written by Leonardo Ferrari Carissimi and Fabio Morgan
Directed by Leonardo Ferrari Carissim

* * *

(February 2016)
Bára Latalova & Zdenka Brungot Svíteková: DIFFERENT?

During the artistic residencies Barbora Latalova, Zdenka Svitekova and their company visited private zones of the participants either through their private homes, the spiritual space or physical contact. The natural needs for being different and diversity itself was explored and investigated. This project wanted to dig into Being, into who we are and how we are. Its aim was to freely learn from each other, bring members of local communities together and develop imagination and certain emotions. The focus was on uncovering and supporting the wildness. Wildness, its essence, its expression, its predisposition to be cultivated and the way one can understand it and coexist with it.

Cities of residency: Praha, Lijubljana, Budapest

* * *

(May 2015)

Denuded is a spectacular, yet simple, artpiece that goes beyond the purely physical movement and questions the relations between the artist and the spectator.
Choreography: Bruno Isaković; Perfoming: Dina Ekštaj, Željko Drmić, Ilija Surla, Mia Zalukar, Ana Mrak, Branko Banković, Hanna Hellstrom, Kaia Gilje, Bosiljka Vujović Mažuran, Ana Vnučec and Lana Hosni; Dramaturgy: Mila Pavičević, Light design: Aleksandar Čavlek

Cities of residency: Budapest, Zagreb, Sansepolcro

* * *

“Ultimately, the stylistic method presupposes the existence of a fourth creator in addition to the author, the director, and the actor - namely, the spectator.” Vsevelod Meyerhold, First Attempts at a Stylized Theatre, 1907

About BeSpectACTive!

BeSpectACTive! is an action-research and production-based project focused on the contemporary performing arts. It aims to develop new models of co-creation involving artists, audiences and cultural organizations on an equal footing. The project will facilitate the development of sustainable creative relationships between artists, audiences and organizations at both a local and transnational level through a range of on-line and off-line actions.

It is our belief that the most effective strategy for audience building is the active involvement of audiences in curatorial and programming decision-making processes and the development of closer relationships between artists, cultural institutions and audience members.

Be SpectACTive! is a 4 years long “larger scale cooperation project” financed by EU into the Program “Creative Europe 2014-2020″. Creative Europe is the European Union's programme to support the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors. From 2014-2020, €1.46 billion is available to support European projects with the potential to travel, reach new audiences and encourage skill sharing and development.

Be SpectACTive! started in December 2014 and will finish in November 2018.

The project consists of:

1. the coproduction of 12 new theatre performances presented across the partners’ venue and the creation of 9 web-based video-dance shows. They will be developed through more than 500 days of creative residencies involving 150 artists across Europe;

2. participatory workshops that will engage more than 1,000 European citizens in a process of arts programming. Citizens will select 108 performances that will be presented in 8 different European cities to a large audience;

3. the development of an online platform utilizing readily available technologies  that will provide an online forum for organizations, communities and audiences with a tool to collectively explore and define curatorial strategies and discuss artistic content and ideas;

4. open rehearsals, international seminars, the production of a documentary (distributed to cultural European networks & TV), publications and other appropriate activities for promotion and dissemination of the project.

What Bakelit does

Bakelit provides stages as performance venues for Be SpectACTive! theater shows. At the same time, it builds up audiences and allows them to actively participate through contemporary dance/theatre workshops. Bakelit therefore aims at making the arts more accessible to the local community.

* * *

“Be SpectACTIve!” partners :

Comune di Sansepolcro – Sansepolcro (Italy) // Associazione Culturale CapoTrave/Kilowatt – Sansepolcro (Italy) // Fondazione Fitzcarraldo – Torino (Italy) // Université Montpellier I – Montpellier (France) // Universitat de Barcelona – Barcelona (Spain) // London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) – London – (UK) // York Citizens Theatre Royal – York (UK) // Tanec Praha – Praha (Czech Republic) // Bakelit Multi Art Center – Budapest (Hungary) // Teatrul National “Radu Stanca” – Festivalul International de Teatru de la Sibiu – Sibiu (Romania) // Domino – Perforacije Festival – Zagreb (Croatia) // B-51 – Ex Ponto Festival – Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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