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The Talent

About the Open Call:
Bakelit Multi Art Center announces its open call for self-thought visual artists since 2007. The open call which was previously entitled “Without Diploma”, and which turns into an exhibition series, it has been Bakelit Multi Art Center’s cultural program for a decade. It offers the participants to introduce themself on the stage of visual arts. After the process of the competition, participants receive brief and constructive critics on their works in the frame of the first exhibition organized at Bakelit. This might be a beautiful and useful occasion for them to learn and get new motivations.

Travelling Exhibition (Talent Tour)
The main idea of the exhibition stems from the painter Gyula Tanai Toguro, who experienced the difficulties of the world of art as a self-educated artist. The jury always estimates and selects the works that are to be exhibited. Bakelit Multi Art Center’s purpose above the open call is to organize a greater exhibition series of the most successful works in order to reach new audiences and provide the artists new opportunities around Europe.  

The Talent painting workshop
For those who want to improve their painting skills or just have fun being creative, Bakelit offers the Talent Painting Workshop. Attending the 12-session-long workshop, participants acquire painting and drawing techniques from the renown artist Atlasz Gábor. In our light and lofty spaces, you will be provided with everything it takes for getting creative. Materials are included in the price. The paintings are later displayed in our spacious gallery at Bakelit. The Talent Workshop is not necessarily connected to The Talent competition, but both can be combined.

The workshop takes place every second Friday from 6 January until 9 July at Bakelit M.A.C.  between 2-6 p.m. Apply to the course anytime during this period!

If you would like to take part in the next Talent Workshop, have a look at The Talent Website.


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