May 25 – 28  2017 at member centre Rojc in Pula, Croatia.

The theme of the Conference is CULTURE AND SHARING COMMUNITIES
No community can exist without sharing. What are the role of cultural centres in communities? How can practices of sharing foster artistic production, and build a more democratic society? How can cultural centres develop a culture of sharing and what are their role in changing paradigms for living? How can cultural and community centres, as places of sharing and imagination, become cradles of social innovation and Communities of Practices?

During three days we will explore potentials of community development. What can happen if we start sharing what we have more openly and trustfully? What new collaborative practices can we share? Topics like sharing of spaces, co-working, co-living, co-producing, co-governing and similar will be on the agenda.

The conference will be shaped in community. You are most welcome to contribute to the sessions. A vivid artistic programme will be offered. The conference is open to anyone interested. 

Bakelit Multi Art Center has been an active participant of the TEH network since 2011. In November, 2015, Bakelit was chosen to host  the 80th TEH international meeting out of over 80 membering cultural institutions. 

About Trans Europe Halles (TEH)

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a Europe based network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists. TEH has been at the forefront of repurposing Europe's industrial buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. As of 2016, TEH  brings together nearly 90 multidisciplinary cultural centres and organisations from all around Europe.

Its mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of non-governmental cultural centres and encourage new initiatives by connecting, supporting and promoting them. TEH facilitates international cooperation, provides opportunities for learning and sharing, and promotes the practice, impact and value of arts and culture. It organises two international meetings every year, coordinates international projects, runs professional development trainings, acts a consultant for public and private organisations, and actively influences cultural policies.

A lot has happened in the Trans Europe Halles network since 1983. From the beginning, Trans Europe Halles has organised meetings twice a year for its members as well as major international projects. The network has expanded actively and new members have joined and enriched the network with their experiences and expertise. Trans Europe Halles has grown to become the prominent cultural actor it is today.










The organizers:
“Fast forward thrity years the network that emerged from the first meetings in Brussel - Trans Europe Halles - currently has over 50 members and 15 friends, based in 27 countries. (...) And what has attracted such commitment and sustained support? The answer has to be values, because if TEH is about anything, it is about values. What TEH represents over its 30-year history is the idea that culture should support pluralistic, sustainable, free and developmental society. More, that everyone should have voice in culture, a voice that should be heard and listened to, on an equal basis without prejudice.”

“And what of the future? (...) Consistent throughout the 30 years of TEH, these network meetings are where members and friends gather to learn, discuss and debate the way forward. (...) Rather then close ranks into the security of the networks, TEH has declared that now is the time for the next phase in its development - the sharing of the organization’s experience and knowledge and actively seeking new members, partners and innovators that see beyond borders and embrace difference, working together for a sustainable cultural future. Within an estimated eight million people now within the catchment of TEH, through its membership’s cultural workers, volunteers, artistic programmes and audiences and acknowledging what could be achieved by that small group of original founders, it is with optimism and a belief in the power of culture that TEH enters its next decades” sais TEH Ambassador Sandy Fitzgerald in his review.



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