V.I.P. 100/100 - Visegrad In Posters
100 years on 100 posters

About the historical links

The Visegrad countries has their common events in their history, even if their culture differs, the common past has its strong and visible signs everywhere. 100 years after the WW I, we think it is a good occasion to demonstrate the common points and the differences of these 4 countries bounded by the shared borders. We would like to emphasize that being Central-European means a very strong link among all the people who were born here or who has any relation to this area. With this project we would like to create an inspiring occasion to learn and get to know more about each other and on the other hand we would like to show the uniqueness and the values of the poster art that was created in V4 countries for the wider public. We do believe that the poster art of these countries is important and interesting not only for the European neighborhood, but for any countries around the globe.

About the project

We would like to create a collection of historical, cultural posters from the V4 countries from the last 100 years 100 important posters. 80 posters will be selected from the archives and 20 brand new artworks will be selected from the works of contemporary graphic designers. We choose the genre of posters. Why? Because we have experience in organizing a poster exhibition, we have very nice feedbacks, and the realization of a poster exhibition is still cost effective, easy to move, the sizes and the form already planned to attract the attention. As Zsuzsa Ordasi, art historian formulated once ’The poster expresses the freedom using a language what all can understand without special efforts, it represents the multipliability and one can glue posters anywhere’. It is also important, to mention, that poster art has always had a steady effect on the public taste and thought.

The 80 posters designed during the shared main historical periods gather around the following topics:

  • The main actions of the resistance during the World Wars in the V4 countries
  • Parallel revolutions in Eastern-Central-Europe (1956, 1968, 1980-81, 1989)
  • On the way to Europe ( about the change of the regime)
  • V4s as members of the European Union
  • V4 Exodus (works of artists who origin from the V4 countries, who decided or was made to leave their motherland and continued their life in other countries and has created their impressive works outside the V4 countries)
  • Japanese link (Due to the strong interest from Japan we would like to show posters whose creators were influenced by the Japanese visual culture or has a theme related to Japan)
  • European vision of future (this is a call for artist to create new masterpieces)

There will be an open call for artists to create 20 new, high standard poster works about how they see our common future. The selected posters will be chosen by a jury of the leading art historians of the participating countries.

During the project the exhibition can be seen in the 4 Visegrad countries:
03.11.2015. Bakelit Multi Art Center (Budapest)
18.10.2015. Johan Centrum (Plzen)
10.09. 2015. Tabacka Kulturfabrik (Kosice)
30.07.2015. Museum Dialogu Kultur (Kielce)


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