FACTORY HOSTEL BUDAPEST is an eclectic living place which provides rooms for international and Hungarian performers of all kinds. Envisioned as a calm place where artists could live together and inspire one another, it can accommodate up to 55 people.








The spacious hostel hosts those looking for a place to rest during learning periods, study camps, rehearsals, workshops, group exhibitions and other events.

Located in a former spinning factory (Hazai Fésűsfonó és Szövőgyár) directly next to Bakelit, the hostel offers a special architectural feel. The rooms are fully furnished with desks, chairs, beds, linen, lockers, towels, newly renovated bathrooms, fans, and heating. A fully equipped shared kitchen is available for guests along with a comfortable common room with couches and a table. The hostel also includes laundry and iron facilities, and free wifi. We do everything we can to help our guests feel comfortable during their stay.

To find out more about Factory Hostel Budapest, please visit the site below. www.factoryhostelbudapest.com

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